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Please visit the OTW’s official tumblr sites

The OTW and its projects, AO3 and Fanhackers, have accounts on tumblr at the following addresses:

Please visit them for more information or to contact the OTW or AO3.  You can also visit:

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Posted at 12:58 PM 03 October 2014
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Posted at 12:25 PM 12 November 2011


Made a suggestion to AO3 (I said that including a ‘kudos’ link in .mobi docs, along with the already-extant ‘comment’ link, would be a nice addition) and got a personal reply, complete with a ‘thank you for the suggestion’ and ‘we’ve passed that along to the coders’ within 48 hours.

How does a volunteer organization, making no profit off its services, still have so much better customer service than most of the actually businesses where I have accounts?

(Source: jenny-sparks)

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Posted at 12:05 PM 29 October 2011
Relatedly, @AO3 Systems Committee is awesome. <3
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Posted at 12:05 PM 28 October 2011
archive of our own. It’s a fanfic archive that is just amazeballs! :)
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Posted at 12:58 PM 27 October 2011

AO3 News!

October drive, new skins features, tag wrangling activities & the wonders of Support - get the latest on the #AO3 -

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Posted at 12:05 PM 26 October 2011


Really, really liking AO3 so far. It’s just so lovely and uniform and easy to put things where they ought to go. 

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Posted at 12:05 PM 24 October 2011
I’m supposed to get my AO3 invitation on my 10th wedding anniversary. *squee*
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Posted at 12:05 PM 31 August 2011
Archive of Our Own is still in beta, but it’s very functional. When I applied for my invite I got it within a day. I can put my banner at the top of my story. I can format my story using HTML if I want to. […] A/N’s are treated separately and don’t mess with your word count. You can make your own freaking skin for the entire site so damn easily (I found the site skin too clunky. I’ve made it little. Took me 5 minutes). Fic diving is actually a pleasure on AO3 with the way things are categorised and tagged. I just want more twific there!

The Archive of Our Own fic commenting meme

Interesting idea! :)

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is then to go to Archive of Our own, and…

  1. Look up an old favourite and let the writer know that you still love the story.
  2. Find a story in your favourite fandom that you haven’t read, or for which you haven’t remembered to leave feedback.
  3. Cheer up a friend by leaving feedback to their fic.
  4. Go to the random tags view, select an interesting tag, and see of you can find something you like. repeat as needed.
  5. Visit an old fandom that you aren’t active in anymore (or a pairings that you’ve lost interest in, etc.) and see if there’s any new interesting fic or re-read an old favourite.
  6. Read a story in a fandom in which you’ve never read fic before.
  7. Pick a category that you don’t usually read and read some fic there (if you usually read RPF, maybe try some comics fic, if you’re an anime fan, read fic about your favourite play, etc.)
  8. Check out the comment thread on LJ or on DW where people have left links to their AO3 accounts, and see you can find anything new or interesting (and leave a link to your own fic as well, if you archive your fic to AO3).
  9. Leave feedback to a fic that doesn’t have any yet.
  10. Make a rec post in your journal with all the good fic you found while doing this meme, and then link that post to the comments here so that others can enjoy the recs as well (alternatively you can just list your recs in a comment here if you don’t want to make a whole post, or maybe use the bookmarking feature on AO3 if you have an account).
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Posted at 12:05 PM 29 August 2011